Psychology Client Tracking:
Why Our Clients Love Client Tracker

Dana • Master’s Degree, Limited Licensed Psychologist
“With Client Tracker, my records are organized and easy to manage.  The idea of making a copy of a hand-written daily log to “keep for my records somewhere” has a feeling of doom.  My personality and life skills are not conducive to creating records (especially paper files) that are organized/easy to manage, so the electronic system is rain in the desert.  I wouldn’t want to do my job without it.”

Cindy • Ph.D., Limited Licensed Psychologist
“Prior to using the Client Tracker I was not able to easily track payments so did not do much; however, I lost a lot of revenue as a result…I like a nicely printed out daily log sheet rather than handwritten.  Client Tracker has been useful in providing me with a visual display of revenue for the month, nicely organized day sheets, tracking of completed progress notes and payments.  I love this application and have come to rely heavily upon it for organizing the billing portion of my practice.

Troy • Limited Licensed Psychologist
“For me, the best things about client tracker were a) its online accessibility, b) its centralization of my client payment info, and c) its ease of use.  On a whole, I am very satisfied!!”  Once again, thanks for providing this, Client Tracker has been an immensely helpful resource!

ToniPh.D., Licensed Psychologist
“When clients have questions about their balance, I can give them a detailed report through Client Tracker at the click of a button.  Plus, my biller loves this system as I am well organized and prompt with submitting client activity on a daily basis.  And as such, I get reimbursed timely from insurance companies.  My associates and I have recovered thousands of dollars using Client Tracker.

Be Prepared.  Be Prompt.  Be Paid.