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Created Out Of Necessity – Psychologist Client Tracking Software

My wife, who was then a Masters Level Psychotherapist, worked at a large clinic with 25 other therapists.  The clinic had a great software application for client documentation, such as SOAP notes, progress notes, etc, but had a paper system to track client session activity, client billing and payments.  So, each day that my wife saw clients, she wrote the client’s information on a daily ledger and faxed it to the billing company.  Those daily logs, along with any supporting information, were kept in a large binder on her desk in case any of her clients asked about their sessions, payments or insurance bills.  Having a binder full of paper also made it difficult to ensure that the billing company processed and the insurance providers paid for all of her sessions.  Each month, when she received her paycheck and client payment ledger from the clinic, she would have to manually sift through all of the daily activity logs to try and reconcile each session and payment.  Since some of the insurance payments were months behind, this task was extremely difficult and time consuming and she often gave up trying to match the sessions with the payments.  Consequently, payments were missed, insurance billing and re-billing didn’t occur and revenue was lost.

In order to help, I initially created a simple spreadsheet to track the daily activity.  This immediately became her main client tracking tool. Seeing the great benefits of having easy access to the information, she continually thought of more and more information she’d like to include.  Eventually, we out grew Excel and I moved the information to a Microsoft Access database.  She was so pleased to have all of her information at her fingertips that she showed several other therapists at her clinic.  They all asked to have a copy of the application and the first Client Tracker, Psychologist Client Tracking Software Pilot Group was formed.  Through feedback from the pilot group, functionality was changed and improved.  The biggest change came as a result of complaints of using MS Access.  Downloading the Access software, patches, updates, etc. became a big burden for the users, so I rebuilt the application and made it available on the Internet, from any computer anywhere in the world where there is an Internet connection.

The feedback from the pilot group and others has been overwhelming.  Comments on the efficiency and ease of use along with the fact that thousands of dollars have been recovered inspired me to make this available to everyone.  I’ve also received compliments from insurance billing companies on how Client Tracker has improved their business – daily activity logs are not only legible but efficient.  Billing companies have been able to increase claim billing throughput for their customers that use Client Tracker, which saves the billers time and money.  Its also very easy to communicate between the billing company and the Client Tracker user since all of the sessions and activity is easily accessible and well organized.

Client Activity Tracking Tool – Flexible enough to be used by psychology clinics and individual psychologists.
My wife now is a PH.D licensed psychologist and owns her own practice.  Managing a practice and associates requires different information to be available in Client Tracker, so I’ve enhanced Client Tracker to be flexible enough to be used by an individual therapist as well as a clinic manager.  Clinic managers can view associate activity to ensure billing and payments are accurately tracked.

I hope that you find the same benefits of efficiency and increased revenue that my wife and her collegues have found.  As you’re using the application, I welcome your suggestions for improvement.  By using Client Tracker, you’ll no longer have to wonder if you’re getting paid and you’ll have all of your clients records at your fingertips.

Jon Albert
Creator, Client Tracker