Client Tracker FAQ

How do I purchase Client Tracker Software?
Client Tracker is a monthly subscription based services.  Users can pay for a single month, for a full year or on a monthly recurring basis.  Subscriptions are paid for within the application.  Payments are processed via PayPal, where Credit Cards and PayPal accounts can be used.  Online Client Tracking Software

How much does Client Tracker cost?
A Client Tracker subscription is $30/month for unlimited client and activity entry.

What if I have questions or need support?
There is a Help Manual available in Client Tracker.  Please consult the manual for any issues.  If you still have questions, please use our Contact Form to e-mail us with any questions or issues about Client Tracker.

How long is the set-up time to use Client Tracker for the first time?
Client Tracker can be effectively used immediately after signing up.  Clients can be added and activity can be entered within minutes.  In order to use the automation that calculates Insurance and Client liability based on activity, 10-15 minutes are estimated to enter Procedure (CPT) Codes and Insurance Rate information.

Is there software that needs to be downloaded?
No.  Client Tracker software is 100% web based, so no downloads are required.  Client Tracker can be used from any computer anywhere there is an Internet connection.

What Internet Browsers are supported?
Client Tracker works best with Internet Explorer 7 or above, Mozilla Firefox version 6 or above or Safari version 5 or above.  Other browsers may also work but haven’t been certified for use.

How long is the ‘Free Trial’?
The Free Trial is for 30 days and is a fully functional application.  After 30 days, the user will be prompted to subscribe in order to continue use of the application.

Will I need to re-enter any data after the ‘Free Trial’ expires?
No.  All clients and activity added during the Free Trial will be retained when the user subscribes to the licensed version.

Is client information secure with this software?
Yes.  Client Tracker is password protected and no one else can view your data.  This application is secured by a 256-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) digital certificate which means the site’s identity is authenticated and all information entered by you is encrypted.

Is this software HIPAA compliant?
There is no such thing as HIPAA compliant software.  It is the organization and individuals that must follow HIPAA guidelines in order to keep patient data confidential.  Instead, it is important to look for software that is secure, encrypted and password protected, as is the case with Client Tracker.