Online Client Tracking Software

Client Tracker Software, Making It EasyClient Tracker is the most versatile and useful tracking tool for your client activity.  Whether you are an independent service provider or part of a clinical practice, Client Tracker software provides a simple way for mental health professionals to track all client activity and ensure accurate billing and payments.

Client Tracker is a powerful application that allows you to:

  • Enter Professional Information to keep track of important identifying information in one place, such as NPI and CAQH numbers
  • Track Insurance Provider Fee Schedules to be sure you’re reimbursed the maximum allowed amount
  • Enter your most common Procedure Codes for quick calculation of client charges
  • Calculate the client portion of each session taking into consideration the client’s co-pays and deductibles
  • Track all dates, sessions and activities of each of your clients
  • Balance Insurance and Client payments to ensure all payments have been received
  • Ensure all progress notes have been completed.

Be Prepared.  Be Prompt.  Be Paid.

With Client Tracker all your information is organized in one place; you can see a detailed report at a click of a button and you don’t need to be a techie to use it!  It allows you to have more time for what you are passionate about – practicing psychology, being with your clients.